1. The administrator of your personal data submitted in this form is DEMUR Krzysztof Wcisło, ul. Stawowa 33A, 34-730 Mszana Dolna, 737-196-00-63
  2. According to art. 13 par 1 and par. 2 of the general regulation on personal data protection of 27th April 2016, below you will find information necessary for processing the personal data by the Administrator.
  3. Submitting personal data is voluntary, but failure to provide such data means lack of possibility toanswer your questions, lack of contact, lack of possibility to provide services or lack of possibility to receive marketing information.
  4. If you have submitted the declaration of processing personal data, at any moment you can withdraw this consent. Consent withdrawal will not affect the compatibility with the right to process that was made based on your consent before its withdrawal.
  5. Personal data processed on the website below will be used in order to contact you and answer your questions based on your consent and interest in our offer (based on art. 6 par. 1 letter. a and b RODO).
  6. Your personal data can be submitted to the following categories of entities:
    1. Subcontractors, so the entities that we use during their processing;
    2. Commercial partners the offer of whom complements our offer;
  7. Your personal data will be processed and stored from the moment of their acquisition by the Administrator of Personal Data until the time of validity of the agreement concluded with you, but also after its termination in order to:
    1. Redress in connection with performing the agreement;
    2. Fulfill the obligation resulting from the rules of law, including especially the tax and accounting rules;
    3. You will object to their processing for this purpose, you will withdraw the consent if we have processed them based on the so-called marketing consent or we will determine ourselves that they are no longer valid.
  8. It is worth remembering that you have right to lodge a complaint with UODO when you will think that processing of the personal data infringes the norms of the general regulation on personal data protection of 27th April 2016.
  9. The Administrator of personal data ensures that data is gathered, processed and used according to the regulations of the act on personal data protection appropriate for the country in which they are gathered.


  1. In connection with processing of the personal data by the Administrator you have right to:
    1. Have access to your personal data and obtain their copy;
    2. Clarify (correct your personal data);
    3. Remove data
    4. IMPORTANT! If according to you we have no right to process your personal data, you can ask for their removal.

    5. Limit processing of the personal data;
    6. IMPORTANT! You can ask for limitation of your personal data only for storing them and taking actions agreed with you if according to you we store your incorrect data or we process them unduly or you do not want us to remove them because you need them to settle, redress or to defend claims; or for the time of making objections to data processing.

    7. To make objection to processing of the personal data;
    8. To transfer data;
    9. IMPORTANT! You have right to receive it from us in a structured, commonly used format that can be read in machine language. You can order sending those data to other entity directly.

    10. Right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority;
    11. Right to withdraw consent to process personal data


  1. While using the Website some of the data is automatically stored on the Server of the Service Administrator for the purpose of website administration or for statistical purposes or in order to make a backup copy. The above data includes:
    1. Name of your Internet service provider;
    2. IP address;
    3. Browser software version;
    4. Computer operational system;
    5. System logs;
  2. The Administrator of Personal Data processes personal data of the User, such as:
    1. Name and surname or name of the company;
    2. Address;
    3. E-mail address;
    4. Contact phone number


  1. In order to provide full functionality while using the Website and in the process of filling in the forms on the Website, the owner of the Service can send Notifications regarding the User’s activities.
  2. The Website uses cookie files installed in the User’s browser. The User has right to refuse their reception, but it can result in incorrect functionality of the Services and full disabling of the Website.
  3. Cookie files are IT data, especially text files that are stored in the User’s terminal equipment and are destined for using websites of the Service. Cookie files usually contain the name of the website from which they come from, time of storage on the terminal equipment and unique number.
  4. Each browser can let manage cookie settings in different ways. Below the Service Administrator has prepared interlinks with appropriate instruction. From the list below choose a browser that you use:
    1. Internet Explorer -
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    3. Safari -
    4. Firefox -
    5. Opera -
  5. Each User has right to send opinions, notes and questions concerning privacy and privacy Policy to the Administrator of the Personal Data. In order to do that they should be sent to the e-mail address: [email protected]